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Raising Energetic Frequency with Self-Love!

Ancient Meditation & Restorative Health (AMRH) is a meditation community that offers beginners and intermediate level meditation classes. Founded by Mirielle Edouard, all of her classes incorporate age-old meditation practices, accompanied with therapeutic empowerment wellness techniques, to assist students in identifying their personal power, to connect to their highest potential.

What I Do

Mirielle's classes marry traditional meditation practices and motivational mindfulness & wellness techniques, to assist students in raising their self-awareness and energetic vibration to attract the lifestyle that they desire.

AMRH classes focus on assisting students in:

1. Connecting with Self

2. Increasing Self-Awareness

3. Sharpening Intuitive Insight

4. Identifying Personal Power to Build Confidence


“ This is by far best experience I’ve ever had meditating. It was extremely relaxing. I feel rejuvenated! ”

“ As a first-time student, Mirielle made me feel welcomed and supported. I felt a level of calmness and stillness that I have never experience before.”

“ I love AMRH! I refer Mirielle to my friends, family, colleagues, literally EVERYONE! I’ve never felt more focused in my life than I feel now. ”

" I am so thankful for Mirielle! She provides a calm, peaceful, and loving atmosphere, where I was able to find my peaceful place. I LOVED it! I haven't slept for longer than 3 hours straight in a very long time. However, after my first meditation class, I was able to get a peaceful night's sleep. I've tried several things, and I'm glad that I've finally found what works."

My Meditation Guide

The Hazy Unicorn: The Not-So-Perfect Guide to Mastering Meditation in 31 Days, is everything you need to know, to overcome meditation perfectionism and dive right in. Written by meditation aficionado and notorious storyteller, Mirielle Edouard, this book provides daily support to assist you in developing your personal meditation practice, while becoming mindful and self-aware in the process.

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Meditation & Mantras

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